Membership cards must be carried at all times and shown at the request of the Management, Committee or staff.  The Membership card must relate to the current financial year.


A reasonable standard of dress is required on the premises at all times (Please note: Workboots, Hats, High Viz work clothes and mens sleeveless shirts are not acceptable)


The Club Duty Manager reserves the right to remove anyone behaving unruly on the premises.


     We welcome our Club Members guests and their families, and guests visiting from other Clubs.

Operating Hours

Liquor must be consumed within 15 minutes of the bar closing and the premises must be vacated no later than 30 minutes from the bar closure.  The Club is open every day from 12:00pm.  The Club may close at the discretion of the Duty Manager.


Please complete the form, attached your entry fee and bring it on into the Club.

Member Draws

A friendly meeting place for all ages

Great rates on venue hire, drinks and food

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